Diocesan School Sports Turf and Carpark

This was a challenging project for the School - how do you create an international standard floodlit hockey turf, three floodlit tennis courts, two floodlit netball courts and 200+ parking spaces within a tightly constrained city campus?  Moreover, how do you integrate these facilities into an established residential area?

Hampered by a split zoning and out-of-date concept plan; constrained by two nearby heritage buildings; and challenged by residential neighbours - this project raised every issue imaginable for an urban development: urban design, visual amenity, tree removal, heritage impacts, noise and lighting impacts, traffic impacts and numerous non-compliances with the district plan.  

Civitas worked closely with Russell McVeagh to pull together a "top-flight" team of consultants to assess the potential effects of the project and provide advice to the School. We provided a scope of works for each consultant; reviewed their deliverables; managed the consultation with the Council, neighbours and others; prepared the Assessment of Effects; and presented planning evidence at the hearing.  Consent was granted, with no appeals from the neighbours. 

Ongoing Advice to Diocesan School for Girls

Civitas has provided town planning advice to Diocesan School for Girls since 2003.  In that time, we have provided advice on numerous projects, including:

  • The Arts Centre
  • The Aquatic Centre
  • The common rooms building
  • The Erin Street tennis and netball courts
  • The School's master plan
  • The Auckland Unitary Plan
  • Numerous plan changes promoted by council

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Merle Boniface - Business Director Diocesan School for Girls

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