What We Offer

  • Strong project management skills
  • A specialist development planning service
  • Extensive experience in securing resource consents and plan changes
  • Positive relationships with allied professionals and council staff
  • Timely, reliable and personal service backed up by quality, comprehensive reports

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Resource Consent Applications

Resource consent applications can be challenging if you’re not familiar with the legislation, your local district or unitary plan, or council practices.

We’ve prepared hundreds of resource consent applications over the last two decades (and counting) – we can advise you on the best consenting strategy and prepare applications to meet statutory requirements, reducing the risk of notification and costly delays.

Plan Change Applications

Preparing private plan change applications is “next level” planning and not every planner has the experience or judgement to do it well.

We have extensive experience in preparing private plan change applications to facilitate major developments and can apply that experience to your site to minimise delays and ensure your application has the best chance of success.

Feasibility Studies

Have you got your eyes on a new site? Are you looking to develop an existing site?

We can help you to understand the opportunities and constraints created by the district or unitary plan applying to the site, and where it might be possible to push the boundaries without undue risk. We can help you to make an informed decision on a purchase or development.

Master Planning

Have you got a large site that you need to develop efficiently and/or in stages?

We’ve provided the planning input to the development of master plans for numerous large land holdings – we can ensure that your planning is both realistic and makes the most of the opportunities created by your local district or unitary plan.

Preparation of Submissions

Is a development proposal or council plan change threatening your amenity or impacting on your development rights?

We have decades of experience preparing submissions for and against resource consent and plan change proposals. We can utilise this experience to ensure that your submission clearly identifies the strengths and/or weaknesses of the proposal.


Well-managed consultation can be the difference between a smooth planning process and an application that goes off the rails.

We can identify the potentially interested and affected parties and work with you to develop a strategy for engaging with them. We regularly lead consultation processes but can also assist you to lead the process yourself.

Expert Evidence & Mediation

Confident, articulate contributions in the hearing or mediation room, from experienced planning consultants, can be instrumental to a successful hearing or mediation outcome.

We can provide expert evidence and advice, leveraging our skills, qualifications and decades of hands-on experience to give you the best chance of success.

Project Management

We’re experts in the resource consent and plan change processes and will happily take the lead on those processes if you don’t need or wish to engage a project manager.

We can brief the necessary specialists, coordinate their inputs, review their deliverables and track their costs to ensure task completion, smooth communication and successful project outcomes.

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