NPS-UD: Auckland Council's Initial Response

The Government’s National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020 (“NPS-UD”) is arguably the most consequential statement of government policy on urban development in New Zealand’s recent history.  And it’s about to start “hitting home”. more

GPS-HUD: More Waffle than Breakfast at Denny's

The Government has released a discussion document for its upcoming Government Policy Statement on Housing and Urban Development (“GPS-HUD”) more

Auckland Council adopts NorthWest Spatial Strategy

Auckland Council has updated and adopted the NorthWest Spatial Land Use Strategy following public feedback over the Christmas period. more

Affordable Housing (inclusionary zoning is back on the agenda)

Auckland has an affordable housing problem - will inclusionary zoning be Council's solution? more

What's Auckland Council up to?

Every now and then I like to peruse the Council Planning Committee agendas to see what Council is up to. more

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