Medium Density Residential Standards - FAQs

Short answers to frequently asked questions on the Medium Density Residential Standards. more

Winners and Losers under the RMA Amendment Bill

The RMA Amendment Bill will create winners and losers.  How will it impact you - will you be a winner or loser? more

Medium Density Residential Standards - what the?

The Medium Density Residential Standards proposed in the RMA Amendment Bill will enable significant intensification in our main urban areas. more

Changes to RMA to Enable and Accelerate Intensification

The Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Bill will supercharge the National Policy Statement on Urban Development. more

Removal of Car Parking Minimums (how to make a simple task complicated)

After sitting on / studying the NPS-UD requirement to remove car parking minimums from its plans for more than a year, Auckland Council has given its first public hints at how it proposes to respond to this requirement. more

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