NPS-UD and MDRS in Disarray

Auckland Council's implementation of the NPS-UD and MDRS is in disarray following recent storm events, a belated decision to include the light rail corridor, the resignation of two commissioners and the National Party's decision to withdraw support for the MDRS more

RMA Reform: the Resource Consent Process

How will the resource consent process change under the Natural and Built Environment Act? And will we see faster and cheaper resource consents? more

RMA Reform: Key Elements and Key Questions

This article provides an overview of the resource management framework proposed to replace the Resource Management Act. more

NPS-UD and MDRS: Further Update on Auckland Council's Response

The Auckland Council Planning Committee has met for the final time prior to notification of the Council's response to the RMA Amendment Act 2021 and NPS-UD. more

What's on Auckland's Planning Agenda

Every now and then I like to peruse Auckland Council’s Planning Committee agendas to see what Council is up to. more

NPSUD: Update on Auckland Council's Response

Auckland Council’s Planning Committee completed a marathon 11 hour meeting on 30 June 2022 to consider its response to the NPS-UD. more

Upcoming Transport Plan Change

Auckland Council has released additional information regarding its upcoming transport plan change. more

Upcoming Changes to Auckland Unitary Plan

A recent report adopted by Auckland Council’s Planning Committee has provided additional detail on changes to the Unitary Plan under investigation more

NPS-UD: Updated Principles for Intensification

Auckland Council’s Planning Committee has approved a new set of principles for addressing policy 3(d) of the National Policy Statement on Urban Development more

Bye Bye Parking Requirements (hello new rules and regulations...)

Minimum parking requirements have now been removed from the Auckland Unitary Plan.  What are the implications of that? more

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