What's Auckland Council up to?

By Iain McManus

Every now and then I like to peruse the Council Planning Committee agendas to see what Council is up to. 

Actually, “like” is probably a tad strong, but sometimes it’s interesting, and it’s a way of staying ahead of the curve (a.k.a. reducing the risk of unpleasant surprises). 

I’ve compiled three lists below, summarising planning and transport projects the Council is currently working on, and plan changes under preparation.  

Note that the lists are almost certainly not complete – they’re just what I’ve managed to glean from the committee agendas, so if an issue hasn’t appeared on an agenda recently, or has been a confidential item, you won’t find it here. Council’s timing is also subject to change. 

Planning Projects Council is working on:

Draft Area Plans for Mt Roskill and Mangere – expected to be approved for consultation in October 2020.

Introduction of inclusionary zoning – decision on whether to prepare a plan change expected November 2020.

Mandating the installation of rainwater tanks in certain situations – report to Planning Committee scheduled for April 2021.

Upzoning of areas to give effect to the National Policy Statement Urban Development – early stages of investigation with plan change(s) due by August 2022.

Draft land use frameworks for the Kumeu-Huapai and Wainui-Silverdale-Dairy Flat Future Urban zones – timing TBC.

Plan Changes Under Preparation (not yet notified):

Amendments to better enable events in public places – imminent.

Amendments to remove barriers to installation of rainwater tanks – imminent.

Improvements to residential provisions – scope and timing to be considered by Planning Committee in October 2020. Likely to be fairly minor and technical.

Notable trees (full review of Schedule 10 of the Unitary Plan) – decision on whether to proceed to be made by Planning Committee in November 2020.

Transport and Infrastructure Projects Council is working on:

Final report on “The Congestion Question” (joint project between the Government and Auckland Council to investigate introduction of congestion pricing) – awaiting results of general election.

Refresh of Auckland Transport Alignment Project (ATAP is a programme of transport projects agreed between the Government and Auckland Council) – to be completed mid 2021.

Business cases for key transport projects in the north and northwest to support growth in the Future Urban zones there – timing TBC, route protection measures (e.g. designations) likely 2022-2023.

City centre to Mangere/airport light rail (promised by Labour in 2017, to be built within 4 years) – to be revisited following general election. 

Business case for additional harbour crossing – expected October / November 2020.

Business case for Hamilton to Auckland high speed rail – timing TBC.

Refresh of 30 Year Infrastructure Strategy – timing TBC.

Refresh of Regional Parking Strategy – expected late 2020.

Refresh of Regional Land Transport Plan – timing TBC.

Upper North Island Supply Chain Strategy (the ongoing saga about relocating the Ports of Auckland) 

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like us to research any of the identified projects.

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